Our Members

Estelle at Thyme for Ewe Farm in Millville is one of the younger farmers in the CBRM.  Coming from France, Cape Breton quickly won her heart after meeting her husband Tim from East Bay at the Agricultural college in Truro. 

Passionate about agriculture, it didn't take long before Time & Estelle found thier little piece of paradise in Millville where they raise free range chickens, pastured pork and beef as well as grow a chemical free market garden and enjoy life with their three boys.

Come and see Estelle and/or Tim and the boys at the market on Saturday mornings.  Stop in to ask about their products ... or just to say hi.

Why Shop at the CBFM?

Open Saturday Year Round from 8:30-1:00

  • We are all about local farmers, growers, producers and artisans.
  • When you shop at the market, the money helps sustain our local economy.
  • Your support helps us provides a safe place for many vendors to sell their products.
  • Fruits and vegetables are grown locally and picked perfectly ripened to sell when fresh.
  • There is also fresh food and snacks available, as well as eggs, meat, honey, etc.
  • Food vendors are required to obtain and show all certification and inspection.
  • The market is a great meeting place to have breakfast or lunch with friends and relatives.
  • Communities come together at the CBFM to support local charities and events.
  • There is a different musician every Saturday to make it your best shopping experience.
  • We have talented artisans and crafters for those that are looking for unique gifts.
  • Its a chance to meet and chat with the local farmers, producers and artisans in person.

Fundraising & Events

We are a Not-for-Profit Co-operative that depends not only on the stall fees paid by our vendors, but also on your donations and support.

Monitary donations are always welcome and needed, however, purchasing from our promotions table or making the commitment to shop at the market or shop more often, is also supporting the market.